Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brad Carlton Takes Body Hugging T-Shirts to the Grave

Well it looks like our dear friend Bradley Carlton has left this mortal coil and gone on to bigger and better things (not a difficult feat when one lives in Genoa City). No more shall we see his hulking mass hover over whatever poor woman he would happen to be harassing at the moment; no more shall we see his shiny, botoxed forehead light up whatever room he would enter; no more shall we be privy to his avid consumption of the urine-soaked nuts at the GCAC bar; no more shall we witness that look of permanent smugness and condescension; no more shall we debate who has more charisma, he or a block of wood; no more shall he wonder whether his leather coat required the pelt of one or two cows...

And thus: In Memoriam

Brad Carlton.
Opportunist. Sexist. Vainglorious. Cloying. Self-obsessed.
Yeah, good luck with that in the afterlife.

When dying is inconvenient.
When Nikki finds out her sister is dying of cancer, Paul asks her if there is anything he can do for her. Her answer? Have sex with her of which he, unsurprisingly, obliges. In a requisite post-coital moment, Nikki confesses to Paul that she wishes her dying sister, Casey, lived in Genoa City so she "didn't have to leave" to go see her.

Call us crazy, but who thinks about sex when they just find out that a loved one is terminally ill? And secondly, shouldn't Nikki in fact be "wishing" that her sister didn't have cancer at all, instead of "wishing" she didn't have to leave town to go visit her on the deathbed?

Questions of the week.

1. How does a friendship recover after one party accuses the other of murder as was the case with Amber and Kevin?
2. Does something seem amiss when Nikki Newman remarks that there have been "tons of hits" on the Restless Style website. Does she even know what the "information super highway" known as the "internet" is? The only hit she could possibly know of this kind that her ex-husband David had out on her life.
3. When Mrs. C regains her memory, will she be able to remember how many face lifts she's had?
4. Noah and Eden? Really? Could the denizens of Genoa City possibly have names that could be any more Christian? Where are the Mohammeds, the Rajwinders and the Parveens? If they do indeed exist, would they be allowed a membership at the Genoa City Athletic Club?


Anonymous said...

Casey, Dru, now Brad. All I can say is don't hang out with Sharon!

buddysnuddys said...

I'm going to miss Brad. He was always good for a scheme and a well-timed insult.

Anonymous said...

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