Monday, October 20, 2008

A Farewell to Arms: Genoa City Motor Arms, That Is.

Genoa City's Finest (GCF) are a self-indulgent and neurotic bunch indeed, seeking relationship advice from anyone willing to listen. And thus, Colleen, distraught over her boyfriend Daniel having publicly declared his love for his ex-girlfriend, seeks the advice of Lily, said boyfriend's ex-wife. Confusing? Yes. Logical? No. What exactly does Colleen hope for Lily to say given that the latter is no longer married to Daniel because he is a liar, a cheater and a pornography addict? Likewise, Daniel indiscriminately looks to Chloe for advice - who in turn has about as much sensitivity as Lucy Van Pelt of Charlie Brown fame. Much like Lucy, Chloe shares a counselling style more akin to a session with a high strung abuser, leaving any advice seeker feeling worse than they did before. Chloe's advice seems to come with a litany of insults including calling the advice seeker (aka Daniel) a "loser" whilst poking them repeatedly in the chest, and knocking off a bowler hat from said seeker's head. Similarly, Amber turns to Mrs. C, whose advice to her is to be as promiscuous as possible. We firmly believe that giving advice should be left to the professionals and that GCF should rely not on one another for their convoluted and unintuitive advice, but rather stick with the only one with any sense at all, our most respected colleague, Captain Obvious.

Questions of the week.
1. How Freudian is it that J.T. was impersonating his wife's father by dressing in the trademark leather coat and black ball cap in an attempt to bamboozle the authorities? Does he dress up like Victor in the bedroom as well?
2. Why would Jack's credit card company deem a charge at the Genoa City Motor Arms Hotel as "unusual activity"? Is it because "wealthy" people would never book themselves into a lowly motel?
3. How creepy was it to see Jack passionately "channelling " Victor? Did he not seem a little too excited? Hot and bothered, even? Did he have a cold shower afterward, or is the Genoa City Motor Arms Hotel far too grubby for that?
4. Was anyone else mortified when, in an attempt to show literary prowess, Noah referred to Ernest Hemingway as "my man Ernie?" Does he perhaps have "Ernie" Hemingway confused with "Ernie" of Sesame Street fame?
5. How despicable is it that a grieving and melodramatic Victor burns down a chateau in France, considering that so many people in the world live without adequate shelter?
6. Who feels worse about Tyra and Ana coming back to Genoa City? Us or Karen?
7. Do the children of Genoa City's Finest sleep too much? Reid, Summer, and Fenmore, seem to spend an inordinate amount of time sleeping, making us wonder: are they being drugged? Again, where the hell is Social Services?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Jack's impersonation of Victor was creepy. However, I wondered if Peter Bergman thought he was trying out for a voice-over on ThunderCats.