Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let Them Eat Nuts

We here at It Never Ends have not posted for a couple of weeks, as we are going through a rather trying time as of late, a sort of existential crisis directly related to the state of the Young and the Restless. Simply put, Y&R has totally blown goats lately, and we are hard pressed to write anything about it, except for a list of why it has deteriorated into a miserable puddle of puke...

And thus, is it so wrong that we :

Don't give a sh*t that Victor is missing (yet again); that Jeffrey is threatening Gloria with the face cream(once again); that charges against Brad have been dropped(again), that Heather Stevens is prosecuting Victor Newman for murder (again); that Sharon is questioning her marriage to Jack (again); that Phyllis wore that horrid cowboy hat to celebrate her wedding anniversary (again); that Catherine Chancellor's faculties are being questioned by Jill (again); that Amber and Mrs. C are revisiting Mrs. C's memoirs when we were led to believe it was a fait accompli; that the downtrodden and drunken Marge, Catherine's alter ego, is a part of her life (again); and that Brad and Sharon were caught in an inappropriate embrace (yet again, for the millionth time)...

Moreover, we are officially tired of everyone caring about and wanting to help Victor Newman, when he is the biggest coc*sucker of all, and we are equally fed up with Jana's flaky spirituality passed off as "idiosyncratic", when in fact she has a bone fide mental illness.

And yes, we could go on.

Even the actors seem bored. Mrs. C who is losing her mind, is actually in an enviable position...

Dialogue of the week:
Sharon: I just want to spend time with the man I fell in love with.
Jack: Me too.

Huh. Interesting.

Brad the nuteater.
Brad, a former shell of himself, has emerged from his forced exile and is embracing his role as the town pariah. To celebrate his new role, Brad indulges in some cosmetic surgery a la Mickey Rourke and poises himself for another round of nut-eating at the bar of the GCAC.

Questions of the week.
1. How is it that Fenmore and Summer were born within only a couple of months of each other, but Summer is pushing what looks like five years old, and Fenmore is barely walking, at what looks like two?
2. How strange is it that both Neil and Olivia have seen Karen's private parts?