Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pain, Procreation and Pantalons: Genoa City's Finest Invade Paris

Who knew that pain could be such an aphrodisiac? Genoa City's Finest (GCF) reveal this week that when someone is grieving over a death, divorce, or a loved one in jail...it is the perfect opportunity to make your move. And thus, Victor is resuscitated from the depths of despair over Sabrina's death with the advances of a desperate and in-heat Ashley Abbott; Noah and Eden make out for the first time after Noah talks about his parents divorce, his sister's death, and likewise, Eden spills the beans about her father's incarceration; and Sharon and Nick share a heated kiss in Paris after talking about Cassie's death. The lesson? If you are a resident of Genoa City, choose carefully to whom you reveal your most painful secrets, especially if you are trying to avoid getting an STD.

(Not so) Gay Paris.
Not since the Germans rolled their tanks under the Arc de Triomphe has Paris witnessed such atrocities in their city as they did this week with the spontaneous blitzkreig by Genoa City's Finest. Was it just us, or did seeing GCF in Paris without the carefully controlled (studio) environment of Genoa City, suddenly take on the look of a Mexican soap opera? The natural outside light was none too forgiving to our fair friends, leaving them swimming performance-wise in this great city. And to make matters worse, Sharon showed her true colours as the country hick that she really is. And thus:

Sharon (to Nick): Gosh, everything here [in Paris] is just so old and so gorgeous. I mean, it's nothing like Genoa City.

Never underestimate the power of observation.

We did find it very hard to believe that Sharon had never been to Paris before, especially when she has been rolling in it for years with her marriages to a Newman (with access to a private jet), and now an Abbott. What is wrong with her? She never once got it together to go to Paris? We reckon that's what happens when your choice of vacation spots is always the culturally vacant Barbados.

And was it because of Sharon's lack of refinement, culture and worldliness that had Nick "fall" for her all over again, resulting in a passionate embrace?

Le Victor.
We were thrilled to see that Victor was located in Paris this week, and we believe that it was no accident he was spotted around Notre-Dame, taking inspiration from the gargoyles that inhabit the cathedral. Standing alone in his over sized leather jacket and jeans, hands in his pockets, and an accompanying look of despair, Victor looked like an out-of-work day labourer waiting for someone to hire him for an odd job. Either way, albeit a gargoyle, or an out of work labourer, this "look" was an intense turn on for Ashley Abbott and her sans pantalons * look.

Questions of the week.
1. Are Sabrina and John Abbott hanging out together in the after world? Are they planning an appearance together?
2. How great was Nick's suggestion that Victor shave his moustache in order to disguise himself?
3. How is it that Ashley, Phyllis and Sharon were each able to walk for miles around Paris in 4 inch heels?
4. What was more disturbing? That Gloria's testimony 30 years ago was responsible for Lowell becoming a fugitive, or that she couldn't move her botoxed face when trying to show her intense remorse to having done such a thing to Lowell?
5. How do the employees of Restless Style feel having to watch their bosses Phyllis and Nick get it on at every chance they get?
6. Did Katherine Chancellor roll her eyes when Esther promised to stay with her forever? Which begs the question: which is worse? Having your mind turn to mush, or being stuck with Esther for the rest if your days?
7. Did they really kill Mrs. C. off in a car crash? How lame would that be? Whatever happened to the good old days when people died by falling into a canyon, or being gunned down? But a car crash? Almost 40 years on the show, and this is the best they can offer Mrs. C?

* sans pantalons = pantless


Tavelstheworld said...

I love seeing the actors in Paris, especially the scenes with Noah and Eden at Jim Morison's grave - as I've been there myself

Can You Tell Me How to Get... said...

Phyllis looked like Big Bird with that silly feathered hat walking down that fake looking street. Does that make Victor Oscar the Grouch?

Anonymous said...

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