Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hookers, Prostitutes and Whores, Oh My!

Irony reigned supreme this week in Genoa City, with Genoa City's Finest (GCF) the biggest victims of all. And thus, Phyllis, worried about Sharon moving in on her husband, breaks up Sharon's marriage by bringing forth Jack's Visa bill with charges to the Genoa City Motor Arms and a local call girl agency. Shouldn't Phyllis be doing everything in her power to do quite the opposite and to try to keep Sharon and Jack from splitting up? Perhaps this is not irony at all, but rather stupidity. How about the fact that Paul doesn't have a guest room (when Nikki stayed over, this was conveniently revealed), when he has an absentee young son, Ricky? Does this mean Ricky never comes to visit? Wouldn't Paul consider this when he decided on a one bedroom apartment? More sad than ironic, perhaps. Likewise, Phyllis' criticism of Sharon "not being able to be without a man" and "how she jumps into bed with the first man she sees", when in fact Phyllis did exactly that with Sharon's husband, got knocked up and destroyed their marriage. Irony? Perhaps. Annoying? In the words of Phyllis Newman herself, "definitely". How about Nicholas' condemnation of Adam's pursuit to put Victor behind bars, when Nicholas turned Victor into the FBI for corrupt business dealings himself? Nikki tells Victor to "go to hell", when the irony is that living in Genoa City, is already hell. Furthermore, what of Olivia's romanticizing Dru's "passion", when in fact, she had a personality disorder and was mentally ill? And the most ironic moment goes to Amber who actually used the word irony when describing her inability to "create" after quitting her job. Amber knowing the meaning of the word irony, is indeed the greatest irony of all...

Dialogue of the week.

Jill: Up yours, Bradley
Brad: Always a lady.....

Cosmetic surgery question of the week.
Did Bradley have a boob job? Is that why he was MIA for sometime? And more importantly, is it wise that he continue to wear those skin tights turtlenecks and golf shirts?

Questions of the week.
1. Does Michael actually have an office? Where does he call when he is giving orders to his secretary? The Genoa City Motor Arms Motel? The cage built by Sheila Carter?
2. How did Eden make it out to the Ranch that night to visit Billy? Does Genoa City have a public transit system? And if so, have any of GCF actually ridden it?
3. What will Lauren and Michael do when Fenmore stops napping? Does this mean that they will actually have to spend time with him?
4. Did anyone else notice the photo of Katherine and Jill in the salon at the Chancellor estate? Was it just us, or did it look like Jill was a ventriloquist and Katherine was the oversized puppet on her lap?
5. If Gloria is truly sorry over not being there for her two sons when they were children, why can't she help a financially strapped Kevin pay a $2000.00 plumbing bill when she is worth millions?
6. Does Heather know that she has a half brother? How would she feel to hear that Paul has nothing to do with his young son, Ricky, given that he "repents" on a daily basis that he did the same thing to her?

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