Sunday, June 28, 2009

Psycho-Killer: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Who knew that being a complete psychopath could have so much cache? Genoa City's Finest (GCF) do it up right indeed, giving Norman Bates a true run for his money. And thus Adam dresses up in his father's dead wife's clothes she was wearing the night of her untimely death, to scare the sh#!t out of his current wife, Ashley, and drive her to have a breakdown (nevermind the fact that she has miscarried her baby in the process of falling down the stairs after one of these "hauntings"). If that isn't disturbing enough, he then has gay sex with the housekeeper's nephew, Rafe, in order to keep him from searching his room for evidence that he is behind tormenting Ashley. Nothing wrong with a little man love we say, but when one is not gay, and does it simply to prevent being investigated? And lest we forget the queen of the psychos, Mary Jane Benson (MJB) who touts around a taxidermied cat that she admits to having killed with her own hands, and then proceeds to blow her skanky peanut butter breath onto a child with severe peanut allergies (who consequently ends up in a coma) just so she can keep the girl's mother distracted and away from Jack, the object of her obsession. And finally, how can one ignore MJB's obsession with scrapbooking (which in its own right would qualify for psychotic behaviour)- although not about her last vacation to Disneyland as one would expect, but rather about her growing list of enemies? This broad can definitely hold her own against the psychos of past lore.

Of course, we musn't forget the low grade psychotic behaviour that percolates in GC on a daily basis, behaviour that we as the viewer have simply become accustomed to (think anything done by the likes of Victor, Gloria, Amber, Kevin, Jana, Sharon, Phillip and oh, the list does go on). Although, in comparison, these extreme examples of MJB and Adam make the rest of GCF appear to be the paragons of sanity. A scary propect indeed.

Line of the decade:
Mary Jane Benson questions her stuffed, dead cat:

"Where did you put my pills, kitty?"

Excellent question, Mary Jane.

Economic downturn: What economic downturn?
Is it just us or have GCF been flaunting their wealth in a particularly insensitive and obnoxious way given the state of the economy? And thus:

1. Daniel's million dollar bail is a complete non-issue for Phyllis. She pays sans flinching, wincing, reprimanding, setting up a repayment schedule... nothing. What a show off.
2. With a son that is going blind, Victor spends millions on a company that specializes in stem cell research for blindness, as a way to secure a position for Adam to be part of the study. Again. What a show-off.
3. When Nick and Sharon look at the listings for potential houses to buy, none of their criteria refers to the actual price of the house. Instead, Sharon laments how one house in particular is 5,000 square foot house with only 3 bedrooms. The nerve! How could such a thing be tolerated?
4. Michael bails out Jana with $100,000 on top of doing all her legal work gratis. Generous? Or are they sleeping together?
5. Billy buys the double wide that was once Murphy's tether to this world, just so he has a place to shag his once-cousin, Mackenzie, in private. Classy guy.

All we can say is that if GCF keeps flaunting their wealth the way they are - when the revolution does come, and trust us, it will - the people will be at the gates of GCF's ranches, estates and mansions with torches and guillotines. And we, dear reader, will be in the front row.

Protect us from evil.
Taking a cue from Sharon, did Jack use protection when he slept with 2 women in one day (including one that carries a stuffed kitty around in a carrier and gets it bowls of milk at the local cafe)? How about Adam? Did he use protection with Heather moments after having sex with Rafe?

Questions of the month.
1. Will Adam don Sabrina's dress and wig for Rafe the next time they are together?
2. Is it just us or does Murphy hover over Mrs C. like a parrot, or worse, a stranger on the bus with a bad case of halitosis?
3. Has Phillip had a stroke before? Or could it be that he done too much crystal meth? Ill fitting dentures? Or simply, that he just shouldn't be acting?
4. Can anyone blame Phillip for leaving Nina to pursue other men? And now that Phillip is finally out and Phyllis, Genoa City's resident-half-man-half-beast is single again, perhaps she/he will be able to tempt Phillip with her/his feminine/masculine wiles?
5. Where is Malcolm now that his daughter Lily has cancer?

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