Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nicki Realizes That She's Smart.

It looks like my wishes have come true; well half true anyway. Victor has started his post-divorce "mending" ways, his inner Mr. Hyde has emerged, and he is now expressing interest in making cradles, giving away baby naming books, playing on-line chess with a "colleague" (and winning of course!), and making jokes about his grand-daughter Summer inheriting his moustache! As far as my hope for Nicki to revert back to her pill-popping ways, it could still be a possibility. In an attempt to convince Nicki to not give up on her marriage, Catherine points out that Victor has always been by her side and has loved her through thick and thin...even when she was strung out. Please Nicki, do everyone a favour and realize that Victor's love is unconditional and get thee to a pharmacy!

Phicholas. Phick. Nichyllis.
So Phyllis gets her work release. Where were the cameras when she went into the warden's office to "negotiate" ? Clearly, Phyllis is in heat. Prison heat. Not sure if I can handle watching Nick and his Prison Wife get it on at work. This is going to be truly painful and it is not going to end well for any of us.

CC. Colleen Carlton.
I noticed that the first Colleen has made the jump to night time television and is now playing a character on Desperate Housewives. I guess Y&R is a sort of launching pad as she joins the ranks of another questionably skilled Y&R alumni, Eva Longoria. So it got me many Colleens have there been? The first, a baby-faced brat who we got to see "experiment" with marijuana when she lived in NYC; the second, an overweight heavily-made up Colleen, where the poor production crew had to pull out every stop possible to avoid an "ass" shot (rumour has it that she found out that she has been fired from a voice mail message), and now the third, an over-sexed, better looking Colleen with a bizarre rendition of the "high-class mullet" (see post, The End of Nictor) . The interchangeability of actors playing the same character is unsettling. Much like buildings that get torn down, we never remember what was there before.

Dialogue worth revisiting.
Nicki: I have been a business woman for years now, I am such a ridiculous cliche. I know. I know. I have run for office, I'M SMART, I know that I'M SMART. If only Victor could recognize that.....
Catherine: Even when you were dependent on pain killers, Victor never left your side.

Way to go Catherine. Way to knock down your friend in her moment of enlightenment. For the first time in her life, she realizes that she's "smart" and you just had to go and remind her of her weaknesses didn't you?????

Questions of the week.
1. Is it me, or is it kind of creepy that the District Attorney likes to hang out with college kids?
2. How is it that the Clear Springs construction site is so squeaky clean?
3. Anyone else sense sexual tension between the corrupt foreman and Gay.T?
4. How do Lily, Daniel and Colleen feel about going to college in the Walnut Grove High School set?
5. Who would win in a fight: Fisher or Zapato?

Wish list of the week.
1. Start a Y&R drinking game. Whenever a character dramatically shuts their "flip phone", take a drink.

Vocabulary of the week
Zapato: For those of you who missed the episode when Victor named his dog, it means shoe in Spanish. Yes, shoe. Victor named his dog shoe, because why? Because his dog likes to play with shoes. Yes, that's right. This was a kinder, simpler Victor. A Victor with a child-like innocence that bordered on developmentally challenged. Poor Zapato. How humiliating.


Esteristhebester said...

Ok first of all. The Clear Springs construction site is as trecherous as any other - did you not see Cane as he walked with the physically frail but spiritualy vital Catherine through the site; pointing to the ground and saying :" watch your step". Then as the camera pulled back (is that the technical term?) we saw that the hole or impediment in their path was gone. It had been filled by the highly efficient workers. (or the doozers from Fraggle Rock more likely).
ok anyway- I would like the blogger to address my biggest difficulty with this program. The Unfinished. The Forgotten. The oh..did we start that story line? Big, Huge events happen and then poof- what. huh? Who?
Malcolm came back from being lost in Africa for 4 years. LOST IN A RIVER IN AFRICA. (as Drew was lost in a river in Wisconsin) and then he returns tatooed and angry..and he worked at CRIMSON LIGHTS?? and then...where did he go? He just didn't show up for work one day and that was that.

OR more recently we have the big story line, totally got me, moved me, made me address my own mortality- The Death Of Nicholas. It was WOW, thank you for that. THEN it gets even better with the whole lost in the wilderness (outside of....Detroit). Close to death. and then the miraculous return...Logan...memory loss...he has to deal with Cassie's death all over again...the way he looked at Sharon...the longing reflected the longing of us all. Get back together. Fight for your past. Redeem yourself for your mistakes Nick. Wrap us up in the Nictor-esque story of this lost love. and then----------no memory comes back but he..yeah, "gets" why he loved Phyllis. WHAT?

See what I mean?- a huge story opportunity wasted. It makes me want to get wasted. Ok one more.
Victor Jr.
didn't they allude to him being in Columbia involved with some drug cartel? I KNOW they did and yet. What? Where is he? Kansas? Was he executed and his fingers mailed back to Hope as a warning? Did I miss something.
I could go on and on.
So in short. I am tired of these black holes. Of people commiting crimes and its never addressed or discovered. or- Perhaps this show is more like real life than I care to embrace. How many crimes do I commit that go unpunished a day? How many people drift out of my life unsung? Perhaps my ire is better projected back on me. Perhaps I need to do a better job in writing my own life before I spew my venom at these professional writers.

I am sure they are doing the best they can.
but really, sometimes their best just isnt good enough. is it?

Anonymous said...

I tried that cell phone drinking game you suggested and it Rocks. I will try it with friends next time.