Monday, October 29, 2007

Nicki Tells J.T. to Take a Shower (Oct.26-30)

There is truly nothing worse than a hospital scene. Wrought with cliche, they punish the audience with exaggerations of love, pleadings with God, contrived anecdotes, confessions, tears, apologies....with all misdeeds forgiven and forgotten. These scenes have to rank amongst the lowest forms of entertainment. The fall out from the Clear Springs disaster has therefore been catastrophic for me. With 80% of the cast injured, we have had to endure entire episodes taking place in the hospital with the camera roving from Noah's hospital room, to Victoria's, to Adrian's to Brad's to Jack's and back to Noah's again. It is during these moments that I truly question my commitment to the show. As one reader of the blog so aptly put it, to stop watching the Y&R is harder than quitting heroin. Although, heroin would certainly help make these hospital scenes more bearable...

Bedside Victor.
A predictably kindler, gentler Victor emerges when he is at a loved one's hospital bedside. As he hovers over Victoria from behind, this Victor has the demeanor of a creepy hospital janitor taking a stolen moment alone with a patient.

On an up note, it looks like Victor's mumbling kettle is set to boil again. Evil doers beware.

Who loves Victoria more? J.T. or Nicki?
J.T. shows his commitment to Victoria by forgoing bathing to be by her bedside. Not to be one-upped by her future son-in-law, a make-up-less Nicki (yikes!) orders J.T. to go home and shower as well as change his clothes (the same clothes that he was wearing while trapped in the collapsed parking garage days ago.... ).

Most absurd moment.
Brad with bandages on his eyes, carrying on a conversation like nothing's wrong. Sharon asks, "Are you sure you're ok?" My sentiments exactly.

Most pathetic moment.
Is this what J.T. music career has been reduced to? Listening to (what I presume to be) his own demo tape (on a cassette player no less), in the parking lot of the Genoa City Hospital? What happened to his music career in Los Angeles? We had such high hopes for J.T., as did Shiloh, the record producer ( the inspiration for Brangelina's Shiloh???Could it be???????????????)

CT scan vs. Chemo.
Jack shows undying commitment to Noah as he forgoes a CT scan to visit him. Speaking of other hospital treatments, where is his son Chemo? The one he conceived with a Vietnamese woman during his tour in Vietnam ? And Kyle? Why is he so committed to Noah, but seems oblivious to his own sons, the ones that were born from the fruits of his own loins?

John Abbot's Ghost.
John is looking particularly tanned for a ghost, wouldn't you say? I think as an audience we assume that he made it though the pearly gates, but I would argue otherwise. After all, he did kill a man, didn't he?

Paul and Maggie. Paggie. Maul.
Did anyone else feel the need to look away? I felt embarrassed for them and embarrassed for myself. It did confirm for me though what I have always though about Paul- his real calling is not a PI, but rather a PG: porno guy.

My sympathy goes out to:
The hospital staff who have to endure harassment and belittlement from Genoa City's finest. From Colleen telling Adrian's nurse to "please take care of him..." (Ummm....what the hell do you think I'm doing here, beyotch?), to Victor undermining the doctors by flying in a specialist, to Sharon's easily fulfilled request of "please save my son's life!" This staff has an incredible amount of pressure on wonder there's such a high turn over of doctors on the show.

Wish list:
1. Noah's voice box was removed instead of his spleen.
2. That the hospital staff doesn't allow any outside food so the much hyped and anticipated "extra-thick" strawberry milkshake won't make it to Noah's bedside. Smoothies and other milk based beverages have more charisma and appeal than our Noah, and I fear him being upstaged.
3. More screen time for Esther and that they would get her back in that degrading maid's uniform.
4. As a way to relieve some of her sexual frustration, Phyllis xeroxes her own ass and gives it to Nick in a corporate file folder during one of their high powered meetings that Newman Enterprises is so famous for.

Question of the week.
1. How will Phyllis stay current fashion-wise while she is on her prison work-release? She referred to her prison jumpsuit as a "'fashion don't", so it is obvious that being fashionable matters to her. Does she have a personal shopper, and if so, does she describe her style to him or her as corporate slutty?
2. Does John Abbot's ghost ever "appear" when Jack and Sharon are intimate?
3. Is it advisable for Noah to gorge himself on Halloween candy moments after he's had is spleen removed?

Creepy website.
And for the piece de resistance, Newman Enterprises has their own website. On it are updates of all of the "casualities" from Clear Springs. Demented.

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Esteristhebester said...

Ok One question. Can one bust a spleen from laughter? Or if they have a stick in their leg and it hurts to laugh, can you hear it? That last blog was so full of truth. But the kind of truth that nare be spoken and therefore funny. so funny.
I can say I was alone watching the Clearsprings disaster post traumatic stress episode. I think they wanted us to feel as traumatized as the characters were supposed to be. you know, emotional transference. If so, hats off. No, really, my hat is off.
One thing that keeps nagging at me is the downfall of Sharon. When did she become so insipid, so benign, so a vehicle for other characters? Seriously, if I was writing the show I would have put in a twist ending. Everyone is saved, or so we think. Then out of the rubble 2 more casualties...Christine Blair and Danny Romalati both returned to support the opening of CS. They were dry humping in her hybrid when the parking lot caved in. Just before Cricket took her last breath she whispers "Shharon...Shhharon... take the gaundlet...seize my baton. Become the most unintersting woman in daytime...I---------" she collapses in Danny's lap. Then we introduce Daniel's father ..the man Phyllis drugged and then raped to produce her son. The man who, sort of , raised daniel.
can someone please offer me a writing job. please.

sorry. way off .

I like John's tan. Death has been good to him. although just for fun I wish they would replace a few frames with Regis Philbin...and not say anything.
anyway- back to me being alone. I definitely closed my eyes and made ick noises when Paul and the copper , copped a feel.
and I know they ackowledge this but it doesn't make it any easier to accept- why is Victoria unconcious? Maybe she is just as tired as we are of these inconclusive conclusions. I wish I had some debris to knock me out.
vodka will have to do again.
God, I love this show.