Sunday, April 26, 2009

Genoa City's Finest (GCF) Welcome First Gay Man

Well, it's been a month of firsts in Genoa City, which it in itself is worth celebrating considering story lines are reused like Sharon Newman Abbott's private parts . And thus the first gay character is revealed (even though half of the male cast is gay) when Lily's attempts at playing matchmaker with Colleen and Rafe are thwarted when Rafe confidently declares that he is in fact gay (or perhaps he was using it as an excuse so he wouldn't have to go out with Colleen...and would we blame him?). We have to ask though: is being gay even allowed in Genoa City?

Other firsts? Nikki eats at a Diner on the outskirts of Genoa City and "tolerates" the poor people that now populate Katherine's life, and does a pretty decent job of pretending to enjoy herself. What we don't see, of course, are the frequent trips to the "ladies room" to wash her hands and the carefully placed napkins on the vinyl seats as to not soil her high-classed bottom. Although, Nikki seemed less tolerant of Katherine's "slumming it" routine once Katherine shared her wish to have her wedding catered by diner owner, Joe, to include a menu of french fries and milk shakes. This, evidently, is where Nikki draws the line.

Lastly, Sharon is added to the long list of Genoa City's Felons and is graced with her very own celebrity mugshot. Who knew that it was illegal to write, " I hate myslef" in lipstick on one's mirror?

Moment to be savoured...forever.
An hysterical Phyllis dressed in a maid uniform cutting up Sharon's panties. Pure magic.

Questions of the Month.
1. How gross was it having to be subjected to Cane and Lily fornicating in order to make a baby? What did we do to deserve this?
2. Who else feels sorry for Humphrey, Lily and Cane's new dog (named after Humphrey Bogart..get it...because they love to watch old movies together...?) for having to endure the unending insipidness of its new owners?
3. Are we really supposed to believe that Murphy was hesitant to leave his shitty little trailer to go live in Katherine's sprawling estate?
4. Do GCF breastfeed their babies, or is this beneath them?
5. Is it just us, or are all scenes involving Kevin, whether he is in them or not, virtually unwatchable?
6. Why don't GCF give up once and for all the notion of having a maid of honor or a best man at their weddings? We think it's time that Genoa City's denizens faced the fact that none of them have friends, and therefore should no longer feel obliged to recruit virtual strangers into their wedding parties. Recent examples include, Chloe asking Sharon to be her matron of honour (an excellent choice considering Sharon had been sleeping the groom), and Karen asking Victoria with whom she has maybe shared one conversation, and who incidentally has also slept with the groom.
7. Is Mary Jane Bensen actually a surgically altered Diane Jenkins?

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