Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nicki Starts a Book Club With J.T.

Last week a reader commented on how we here at It Never Ends tend to focus on the creepier side of Genoa City. Indeed, this is true, but how can one not? The creepiness oozes out of every orifice, every nook and every cranny. Let's face it, everyone on Y&R is creepy in their own unique and special way, and this is precisely what we love about the show.

This week ranked high on the creepy scale where episodes tended to be "a little bit blue", and maybe even a little pornographic. These scenes are like watching a car wreck; you don't want to watch but you just can't seem to bring yourself to look away.

Sharon prefers darkness.
Interesting to see that Sharon was never one to turn the light out before sex when she was with Nick. But Jack is another story. Before they got carried away in their make-up sex last week, Sharon made sure to take a moment to turn off the light first. Somehow, we don't blame her.

Fornicating Cam.
The fornicating cam was in full voyeuristic mode this week, as it roamed from one fornicating couple to the next: Nick and Phyllis at both the Tack(y) house and Victor's office; Lauren and Micheal at their apartment; Sharon and Jack at the Abbott manor; and Neil and Karen at Indigo. We want our money back.

Victor watches Phyllis and Nick copulate.
Phyllis, GC's resident nymphomaniac, locks Nick in his father's office with the intention of taking advantage of him in a way that would get anyone else fired from their job. Nick hesitates for a brief moment, looks up at the watchful eye of his father's portrait, shrugs and indulges his wife. Evidently this disrespect to his father has Nick subscribe to the "Hos before Bros" philosophy, and not the "Bros before Hos" that one would expect.

Baby Reid pulls J.T.'s finger.
Well ok, Reid grabbed, not pulled, J.T.'s finger this week, but we quite like the idea of J.T. telling his infant baby to "pull my finger". Reid's gift at grabbing fingers was quickly surpassed by his ability to breathe on his own without a ventilator. We assume that he and J.T. will be moving into the upstairs room at the ranch with Victoria any day. Miguel will most definitely have his hands full now; if he is indeed sill alive . Perhaps Victor has offed him as well?

J.T. the amateur.
J.T.'s amateurish investigative skills are becoming glaringly more apparent with each episode. He grills Nicki with not-so-subtle questions about David's past, making it obvious to Nicki that he is in fact investigating David. And the worst part? J.T. admits to Nicki that Victor has hired him without even attempting to cover up the fact. As an investigator aren't you supposed to maintain the confidentiality of your clients? No wonder Victor fired him. Maybe J.T. won't be moving to the ranch after all...

Nicki reads Cervantes.
First of all, Nicki reads? Secondly, her favourite book is Don Quixote? We would have pegged Nicki for more of a Danielle Steele or Harlequin Romance type of girl. J.T. is humiliated when Nicki reads a quote from Don Quixote and he doesn't recognize it. She shows her disapproval with the always belittling and humiliating: "You haven't read Don Quixote???" Which begs the question: Has J.T. ever read a book ? Does he even know how to read? J.T.'s stock is slipping. Fast.

Questions of the week.
1 As the owner of Crimson Lights, does Kevin force his employees to wear the goth-esque "Free Jana Hawkes" t-shirts? What happens if they refuse ? Will they lose their job?
2. Does Gloria really think that offering Jeffrey a half a million dollars to get him off her back is going to do the trick? Quite the piddly amount considering she's worth millions. Beyotch is greedy. And stupid. And oh yeah, she looks funny too.
3. How does Kevin find the time to do all that he does? He is the owner/operator of the wildly successful Crimson Lights, head web-guy at Jabot, the driving force behind the "Free Jana" campaign, Gloria's full-time henchman, and landlord to his dead-beat friends, Amber and Daniel who live with him. We see Nobel peace prize in Kevin Fisher's future.


esteristhebester said...

I think you are right about JT's stock slipping. Infact the entire city is going into recession of character. Where are the good guys we pull for? The villains who make us yell at our heros from our couch "close the door to your office...close the door, its open just a crack- enough for a gun/camera/ear/trained python to get through."

and as for Kevin's living situation...that apartment is like a clown many bedrooms does it have. 3? Michael, Lauren,Fin, Gloria, Kevin, Amber , Daniel. Is it a 6 bedroom apartment. amazing. The architecture and building design in Genoa is specific to the bizarre cohabitating practices of Genoa's citizens. You no longer need a ranch or estate to keep everyone on.
can't they use their scheming ways to get someone else in that building tomove out so at Gloria can get a pad of her own?

Anonymous said...

"Fornicating Cam" Since when is doing your spouse fornication? Even in the soap world I would call that intimacy instead of fornication. You might want to reference a dictionary on that one.