Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miguel Packs Nicki's Panties.

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It felt like absolutely nothing happened this week, and we here at It Never Ends, were very concerned that we would have nothing to write about. But upon further reflection, we realized that in fact, things did happen, seemingly big things, but what perplexes us is that we found ourselves not really caring. For example, Victoria woke up from her coma (yawn) , Victor's murder charges were dropped (double yawn) , Reid came home from the hospital (snore) , Mrs. C. had a mini stroke (I think we did too) , and Lily was chosen as one of the winners of the Fresh Face of Jabot contest (snooze) . What did capture our attention though, were the seemingly minor plot points, such as the fact that Miguel, our favourite man- servant, was ordered by Victor to pack up all of Nicki's things which presumably included any undergarments left wilynily( an image we quite enjoy) ; or that Mrs. C, dressed in a giant frilly white collar a la William Shakespeare, reminisced again about "all of those delightful stable boys" that she bedded in her pre-facelift days ; or that Lily mentioned to another contestant that Genoa City has "a pretty decent nightlife"; or that everyone was talking about the movie Casablanca in an attempt to demonstrate worldliness and culture ; or that Karen emerged out of Neil's bedroom, wearing his bathrobe and asked Lily if she "feels uncomfortable"; or that J.T. dreamed of having a family home "maybe bigger than the loft", when his future wife is worth billions. These plot points may seem insignificant, but to us they are infinitely more interesting.

New drinking game.

For whatever reason, GCF (Genoa City's Finest) seem to not understand the finer points of good table manners; notably to avoid the temptation of waving utensils in the air while speaking at the dinner table. We've seen Heather Stevens and Phyllis indulge in this behaviour on a few occasions, and this week, Karen, Neil and the man David owes money to, joined the ranks. And thus, we here at It Never Ends would like to add a new drinking game to our arsenal: every time someone exuberantly expresses themselves with the aid of a utensil, take a drink.

Karen makes a case for Cane and Lily.
More like, Karen struggles to make a case for Cane and Lily. And thus her argument illustrating how much they have in common:

1. They have both been married before.
2. They have both lived in their own apartment (and currently live with their parents).
3. They have both travelled.

What we believe she left off the list:

4. They both breathe air.
5. They both eat food.
6. They both drink water.

A match made in heaven our Lily and Cane.

Cane, director of flower arranging.
We saw Cane in his new role of Director of Acquisitions at Jabot this week, and what an impressive sight he was: arranging bouquets of flowers, making sure there was enough seating for the press conference, and testing the microphone with the always original, "Testing1,2 !". Who says you need an MBA to be an executive in a large multinational company anyway?

Brad the harasser.
After Brad strikes out with Sharon, again, he moves onto another employee/subordinate this week. Unfortunately for the never-before-been-seen-woman, she made the grave error of making eye contact with Brad in the halls of Newman, and before you can say "sexual predator", Brad had coerced her into a non-work related dinner. Our advice to this mystery woman? Hire a lawyer now who specializes in sexual harassment. Given the years he spent harassing Christine Blair, Michael Baldwin has a certain '"expertise" and therefore seems an obvious choice...

Questions of the week.
1. What ever happened to everyone working at Fenmore's boutique? Has it closed down and did they have to lay off all of the employees? What kind of severance package did people get, if any?

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Anonymous said...

We can only hope Jana's tumor returns and she starts killing again. My vote: whack Cane. Why is he portrayed as such a good guy when he slept with Amber just so he could berate her afterward and then exposed her in front of everyone at the Jabot press conference? As someone with no business experience, I think I am qualified to comment on the experiences at Jabot. It seems it would have been a better PR move to take Amber aside, tell her that the man she used to live with recognized her despite a large mole on her face and ask her to drop out of the contest.
Maybe Jana could beat him to death with his microphone.