Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Genoa City Economy Grinds To a Halt

With the bulk of GCF (Genoa City's Finest) now unemployed (namely Jack, Sharon, Phyllis Nick), the economy in Genoa City is about to crash. Clearly Phyllis is concerned about Nick's work ethic as he remains contentedly at home wearing the requisite uniform of the unemployed: a wife-beater, eating the requisite dish of choice of the unemployed: potato chips and drinking the requisite beverage of the unemployed: beer. The hope is that Nick will be able to handle the payments on the mortgage on the Tack(y) House and that he isn't dealing with a sub-prime mortgage. Without his dad's backing and a questionable work ethic, he could be in serious trouble. No wonder Phyllis looked so panicked.

Post-coma Victoria ignores J.T.

Victoria finally wakes up after months of being in a coma, and doesn't so much as look at J.T. After meeting her baby for the first time, she has an intimate moment with Nicki, and then Victor and then Nick, all the while J.T. waits patiently in the wings. Nothing. Finally a day or two later, she acknowledges him, and then promptly falls asleep. So much for presence, J.T.

Mrs. C's mind remains firmly planted in the gutter.
In addition to last week's nostalgic reminiscing about stable boys of yore, this week Katherine demonstrates that at all times, no matter how serious the issue is at hand, her mind is always in the gutter. And serious this week's issue was, as it had to do with her health. After a "mini-stroke", her doctor advises her to "refrain from doing anything that you shouldn't be doing." Her response? "Ahhhhhhhh, I wish that statement meant what it used to..." Katherine, you are officially making a fool out of yourself.

Amber blows her job interview.

Speaking of gutters, Amber blows her chance of getting out of the gutter that has become her life (namely working at Crimson Lights for minimum wage, and freeloading off of Kevin). In a frenzy of narcissistic self-absorption, Amber blows her chance at being the executive assistant to Jabot's CEO (aka Nicki), in an informal interview with Nicki and Katherine:
Amber: "I want the job, you don't know what the chance means to me, but I just can't take it.
Katherine: 'Why not?"
Amber: "Because Jabot is where-you-know-who-works."
Katherine: "You have to learn to deal with that on a professional level."
Amber: "Oh No, that won't work. He's (Cane) like is a bad addiction, he's my drug and I just need to stay away from him, I have to detox. "
Katherine: "You control your emotions, you control your feelings"
Amber: " Not when it comes to him. You have seen what I'm capable of, it's best just to stay away."

How would you like to have that piece of work as your personal assistant? Nicki certainly dodged a bullet there.

J.T. head of security.
J.T. is belittled once again by the Newmans as Victor considers his P.I. wage insufficient for raising a child. He emasculates J.T. further by offering him a job at Newman as "Head of Security", or more appropriately, Head of Insecurity.

Dialogue to be ashamed of.
Victoria shares her desire to wear her mother's wedding dress when she marries J.T. And thus the damning dialogue:

Victoria: "Mother, can I wear your wedding dress?"
Nicki: "Which one?"


Questions of the week.
1. Is there a Craig's List for Genoa City? If so, is this where Nick will look for new employment?
2. Why is Amber's phone so big? Is it all the fake encrusted jewels on it that trick the eye into thinking it is bigger than it is?
3. Did Victoria get collagen lip implants while she was in a coma? If so, who did the treatment? Miguel?
4. Is it just us, or since Gloria has been married to Jeffrey, she has been looking more like the Bride of Frankenstein?
5. Why do people even bother looking at the menu at the Genoa City Athletic Club? One would think that they would have it memorized after eating three square meals a day there every day, 365 days a year, year after year.
6. Why does Adrian Corbell even bother trying to talk books with anyone who frequents the Genoa City Athletic Club, or lives in Genoa City, for that matter? After asking Paul and Maggie "which books they have on their nightstands right now", he is left with the pitiful answer from Maggie: "Something about my inner child", and Paul: "A remote and an empty beer bottle. But I read the label on the beer bottle". No wonder Heather doesn't want anything to do with Paul.

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Curly said...

Here I thought it was the BEST week in YR in a long time! I liked Vicki's awakening but yes, her lack of interest in JT was quite funny, as was the fact that he just stood back and LET everyone else in first, lol. The AC is getting way too much airtime, as was the Newman Breakroom. The YR budget must be suffering, lol. I absolutely LOVED the scenes with Katherine/Amber remembering good old Rex! Those were priceless!! Gloria looking like the bride of frankenstein; OMG.. TOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! I loved her hair ths week, a bit strong on the streaks but she is an attractive woman. Great Blog!!