Sunday, February 24, 2008

Victoria Hates Motherhood (Feb. 18th-22nd)

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Thankfully a lot happened this week, swaying us from our desire to abandon the show altogether. Not one, but two new sets (the bedroom at the Loft and the new warehouse space for the online magazine); new decor (aka a few new pieces or furniture J.T. purchased for the house at the ranch) ; a new character (Victor Jr.); a death (Hope's--thank goodness); Victoria's realization that she hates motherhood and is also friendless; Nick's flaunting of the same metal briefcase as Paul; and a new business to rival Newman and Jabot (the online magazine), making Genoa City the power trio of business that it has always aspired to be.

Death schmeth
Is it just us, or is a one day turnaround a surprisingly short amount of time allocated to the grieving of one's mother? Victor Jr. is either incredibly resilient or totally self-absorbed. We found it disturbing to see him having moved on so quickly (to include a move to a new city, the commencement of a new job , and a serious flirtation with Genoa City's resident half man/ half beast, Phyllis Newman). What is most disconcerting to us though, is that his choice of drink when cozied up at the bar at the GCAC was ginger ale. Like our mothers always told us: Never trust a man who doesn't drink.

A brave new world.
After many weeks of deliberation, Nick, Phyllis, Sharon and Jack finally came up with a name for their revolutionary-never- been- done- before (!) online magazine. The winning choice?

"Restless Style".

Good luck with that. Really, we mean it . Good luck.

Mommy dearest.
Victoria's first and only day alone with her baby was nothing short of traumatizing. This day with Reid was spent in a fog as she wandered aimlessly between the only four venues in town: Crimson Lights, Jabot, Newman, and the Genoa City Athletic Club. Bored and restless, she reached out to her one and only friend, a mysterious Sabrina who lives in Italy. This "best friend" (whom we've never seen) ignores Victoria's two emails thereby sending her into a tailspin of existential angst. Instead of running back to work at her first moment of boredom, could she not have pursued her hobbies more fully? What happened to her love of painting that she cultivated when she lived in Italy? And her talents of making medieval reliquaries out of materials from the dollar store? Couldn't these hobbies, in addition to time with her baby, have been fulfillment enough?

Reid, who by our calculations is still a new born (given he was born prematurely less than 3 months ago when Victoria was only 6 months pregnant), will now be passed off to a nurse. Which begs the question...why did Victoria want this baby so badly?

Amber the spin doctor.
Amber explains to Katherine why she likes Daniel :
1. He is impulsive
2. He is artsy
3. He is drifting through life
4. He doesn't really think things through
5. He puts himself in 100% and then he's got to work his way out of a mess

This is fundamentally where we here at It Never Ends and Amber differ: where we see red flags, she sees green lights. Also, since when has Daniel been considered artsy? Is that what the blonde wig is supposed to represent...artsiness? This sudden evolution of character makes sense though as Malcolm is clearly not coming back (after all he has graduated to Night Time TV), therefore there is a vacancy for a sleazy fashion photographer extraordinaire. Our prediction is that Daniel will be hired to shoot Lily when she becomes a "supermodel."

Questions of the week.
1.Is the metal briefcase the requisite accessory for the self-employed? First Paul, the only independent contractor in GC had one, and now with his new venture of his own, Nick has purchased one as well. Or perhaps Paul and Nick are sharing a briefcase to cut down on costs? If you notice they are never in the same scene at the same time with the briefcase in question...
2. Is Katherine actually paying Amber to record her life story, or does Amber have to listen to Katherine's "unique" take on love and loss for free?
3. Is Victor Jr. going to attempt to organize a coup at Newman and overthrow Victor?
4. Does Victoria and J.T.'s bedroom seem strangely out of place with the rest of the decor at the Loft? Somehow it seems too mature to be a part of what is the inherent immaturity that the loft embodies. (Although, this is all moot as they have now moved to the ranch house...) Our guess is that Amber will be the next resident of the loft. Why waste a perfectly good set?
6.Why is it so maddening that J.T. and Victoria have moved into Sharon and Nick's old house at the Ranch? Why did we feel a silent rage well up inside us when this was decided? Is it because it shows a complete lack of imagination on behalf of J.T. and Victoria? Or is it perhaps that the producers have blown their production budget on the new magazine space, and that two new sets would be far too outrageous for a show that has an average viewer ship of 7 million people per episode? And lastly, what is this business of Victor selling it to them and not letting them just live there? Is the mortgage at the ranch not paid off? Does this then mean that Victor bought the house back from Sharon and Nick? How can these people be so simple and so complicated all at the same time?

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Anonymous said...

Why is the Athletic Club suddenly the GCAC? It certainly doesn't roll off the tongue. Is there another Athletic Club in town so they needed to add the "GC" to avoid confusion? Did they change it so people could pretend they are going somewhere new? So confusing...I continue to lose sleep...