Saturday, March 1, 2008

Daniel's Hair Is Fired (Feb.25-29)

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Another week in Genoa City is behind us, and we continue to be amused by the minutae of its residents' wonderful and horrible lives. And so, Karen "chicken adobo" Taylor (lose the "chicken" though. Adobo Taylor has a familiar ring to it...) made a special appearance at Indigo, debuting her signature breathy adult contempt-orary songs that once again makes us doubt our devotion to the show. Phyllis' attraction to Nick is diminishing as fast as his bank account (or should we say trust fund). We were also sad to see that Daniel's hair, the object of consistent ridicule, was fired and replaced with the more sensible brown coiffure (his former blonde mess held a special place in our heart, like a shameful but memorable relationship). And finally, Victoria was relieved to find out that she is not indeed friendless with the arrival of her never-talked-about-until-last -week-best-friend-in-the-world, Sabrina.

David Go-Lie-ith.
David Chow finally reveals his unspeakable secret: gambling . And the amount owing? A measly $250,000 dollars. For GCF (Genoa City's Finest)? Mere chump change. And for us? Boring. We were hoping for something a little more interesting, such as a secret affinity for dressing up in women's clothes in conjunction with a serious spending problem, leading to a quarter of a million on a new wardrobe; or better yet, that David is in fact Sheila Carter and that the debt owed is to the South American plastic surgeon who did the cosmetic surgery. But gambling? Pulease.

What we feel Nicki should be most concerned about at this point is the fact that David's mouth is far too small for his face.

Restless Style...the new Wallpaper magazine?
In fact, Wallpaper's founder, Tyler Brule, would be horrified to see the design mess that is now the offices of Restless Style. We were so looking forward to a new set of which us devotees have been so deprived, and the warehouse space looked promising. But the resulting tired palette of black leather with chrome accents complete with a "cargo" elevator cliche was just plain disappointing. The decor looks more suited to a wannabe upscale bachelor pad than a "hip" new magazine. No surprise there that Genoa City's resident half man/half beast, Phyllis Newman, and Restless Style's decorator would have such masculine taste....

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Seeing Victor gaze longingly at both Hope's and Nick's framed portraits got us thinking: where would the soap opera be without the role of the framed portrait? Found on every desk, fireplace mantle, and grand piano in Genoa City they allow us access into a character's inner drama as they converse with said photo, behaviour we here at It Never Ends indulge in a bit too frequently. It all begs the question: where was Hope's portrait kept? Was it behind Victor's desk beside Nicki's portrait, or was it in a drawer with the other framed photos of his long list of ex-wives?

Dialogue to be ashamed of:
Is this what it has come to? Is this what we as viewers have reduced ourselves to? And thus the damning words:

Jeff: You've got nothing on me, Gloria. I could send you up the river tomorrow if I were so inclined, but I'm not because I'm having way too much fun here.

Gloria: You know, you've got a sick idea of what fun is.

Jeff: No, I know exactly what fun is. Sex is fun and this marriage in name only is not fun. We need to fix that.
Gloria: No. Our sister/brother relationship suits me just fine.

Jeff: Even with the chemistry we have between us? I'm a man, you're a woman.

Gloria: I'd rather go to jail.

Jeff: You're so sexy when you're stupid. Play the dumb blonde with me. Tonight's the night, darling.

Egad. And we share the same nomenclature as a species as these people?

Questions of the week.
1. How do the other female employees at Newman feel that Victoria gets a nursery built in her office so she can bring her baby to work, and they have to put theirs in daycare?
2. Does Jana actually work at Crimson Lights or is she too busy obsessing about Daniel and Amber's sex life?
3. How thorough are the reports that are done at both Newman and Jabot? What amazes us is how quickly they are read over before conclusions are made. A business plan or annual report is met with a momentary glance and the reader is quickly "on board" or "impressed" with the figures presented. We surmise that either the reader of such a report is incredibly bright and can read and summarize dense amounts of information in a millisecond, or that the reports are half-baked and/or the reader doesn't know what the hell they are talking about. Our vote is with the latter.
4. Is it us, or is it shocking to see Chloe, someone who admitted that she's only been in the fashion business for 2 years, act the way she does towards others? And worse, how is it that people are actually listening to her like she's the voice of authority? As was the case with Phyllis who was a "webmaster" in New York and is the case with Chloe who lived in New York before coming to GC, if you have lived in the Big Apple before, then you must be an expert. Big-fish-small-pond syndrome anyone?
5. Is Victor's new (possible) love-interest, Sabrina, simply a classier more sophisticated version of the similarly raven haired Ramona Caceres, (aka Desert Flower) with whom Victor had an affair after being kidnapped in the Arizona desert in the late 1990s?
6. Where is Victor's renowned private art collection housed anyway? As there isn't a stitch of art in his own residence, we assume it is somewhere in the bowels of Newman. Could it be in the boiler room? The mail room? Or does Victor have a
trick James Bond wall in his office that opens to a secret chamber? If he in fact has a Renoir like Sabrina mentioned, is J.T. , head of Insecurity, ensuring that it is adequately protected? Somehow we doubt it.


Anonymous said...

But at least we now know why Victoria and J.T. had to move to the ranch. Restless Style needed to pretend it was a warehouse!

Anonymous said...

And by "it" I meant the loft. (I got a little excited.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone else how noticed that David's mouth is too small for his head! It freaks me out a little.....