Monday, March 10, 2008

Genoa City's Crimes Against Humility (March-3-7)

New characters often have a revitalizing effect on a show as was the case of Victor "Adam" Jr. this week. What he may lack in charisma, Victor Jr. makes up for in his ability to tell GC's resident narcissists how "it really is". And thus, he questions Victoria's art degree as her major credential as a business executive at one of the biggest multinational companies in the universe, as well as Nicholas never-having-to-worry-about-money-a-day-in-his-life coupled with his former tenure as Frat president : credentials not in the least impressive for a guy who found his way to Harvard business via a dust bowl farm in Kansas with a blind single mother. And lest we forget Sabrina's boastful account of how she and Victoria met "at the Guggenheim program in Italy while I was getting my master's in art history, and Victoria was an undergrad." Victor Jr. is none too impressed by this former "curator" at the Georges Pompidou in Paris (impressive for someone barely in their 30s, non?), when he asks whether such programs are just for "spoiled rich kids who want an excuse to go hang out in Europe for a while". And finally, our favorite porte-parole points out what has been on all of our minds: how the hell Nick and Phyllis and Sharon and Jack are all in business together considering they have all slept with one another at some point (think ABBA, without the talent). Thank you Adam. You may be seriously b-o-r-i-n-g, but at least you are bringing the people of Genoa City to task for their crimes against humility.

The inherent sexiness of cardiac arrest.
Sabrina is lost in an erotic moment while she watches our favorite septuagenarian, Victor, clad in a black wife-beater, beat the crap out of a punching bag —risky activity for any senior citizen. Sabrina shows a sadistic side as she is intrigued by the possibility that each punch of the bag Victor takes could very well be his last.

Dear god, please tell us that she is not going to sleep with him.

Felonius Style.
We here at It Never Ends, believe that the name for the new online magazine shouldn't be Restless Style, but rather Felonius Style given that everyone involved has been in trouble with the law at one point or another. Jack, Nick, Phyllis, Daniel and Amber, have all either been convicted felons or accused of heinous crimes such as murder, treason, and blackmail. Sharon is the only one who has yet to be formally charged, although this should be reconsidered due to recent hair style and matrimonial choices.

If a block of wood fell in the Break Room would anybody hear?
J.T. Seriously. What the hell? Lumber has more personality than he does. Is it the suit? Being married? Being a Newman? The frontal lobotomy? My God. It has been a slippery slope for J.T., and he's dragged all of us along for the ride. Someone please put him (and us) out of his (our) misery.

Questions of the week.
1. If the ranch is indeed as "grand" as everyone claims it to be, why do the residents insist on dining at the kid's table set up in the diminutive living room (as did Sabrina and Victor with their burgers and fries this week)?
2. Why is Daniel so tempted by the stolen money when his father is a rock star worth millions and his mother is married to a Newman? Could someone please tell us why he is so hard up for cash?
3. When J.T. finally visits the new Restless Style warehouse space, will he realize that it is indeed the loft in disguise? And if he doesn't recognize it, will he be able to still call himself a PI?
3. How long until Victor Jr. 's framed portrait makes its way into Victor's prolific portrait collection?
4. How painful are Neil and Karen as a couple? Their insipidness is mind-numbing, and to think she may be moving in with him? Unfortunately it looks likes the Drippy-Drippersons are here to stay.
5. Was there a flirtation this week between the male bartender at the GCAC and Victor "Adam" Jr.? Who is the mysterious person that Adam keeps calling in NYC? A gay lover? Victor Jr.'s attraction to Phyllis would make sense then: clearly he assumes she is a man in drag (like any self-respecting person would).

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