Sunday, April 27, 2008

Buddhism is the New Black: Genoa City's Finest Attempt Enlightenment

The convoluted lives of Genoa City's Finest (GCF) keep us intrigued for another week (albeit how much is up for debate) with Neil continuing his fight to become the father of his daughter's baby (although this became a moot point come week's end when it turned out that Lily wasn't pregnant after all, as predicted by this blog); Adam continues his bid to belittle all things Newman by calling Victoria a narcissist; Phyllis becomes sloppy seconds after Victoria fires Sabrina as Reid's godmother and assigns the role to Phyllis (a surprising choice given that Phyllis had to have her own child taken away from her); Jana abandons her goth ways, her passion for ghosts and goblins, and her worship for serial killers for Buddhism, making a complete mockery out of this 2500 year old religion/philosophy; and Gloria and Jeffrey finally consummate their twisted relationship, leaving us wishing desperately we could have back those 30 seconds of our lives...

Karma Chameleon: Genoa City's Finest find Buddhism.
Gloria finds Buddhism through the guidance of her mentally unstable daughter-in-law Jana and decides she wants to give back by adopting a baby. This is all self-serving of course, as she admits that she is doing it to earn valuable Karma points. With Gloria's age bordering on offensive, will she live long enough to see the child's 2nd birthday?

Dialogue of the week.
The winner goes to a conversation between David and Nicki regarding the inappropriateness of Sabrina's presence at Reid's christening:

David: Victor's insensitivity is off the charts.
Nicki: It always has been.
David: You're handling it all with such grace.
Nicki: I think I liked him better when he was cutting up paper snowflakes...

Here here. Remember that kindler gentler Victor, bordering on developmentally challenged? How we miss him, and long for his return.

The runner-up prize goes to dialogue exchanged between J.T. and Paul as J.T. brags about Reid:

J.T. : Reid loves to look in the mirror.
Paul : Just like his dad...

Ouch. Nice work Paul.

Polizia di modo.
Genoa City fashion. Is that not an oxymoron? This week we saw that once again ne'er shall those 3 words be placed in the same sentence. And thus, Amber made a splash at Indigo wearing another one of her creations, an orange tutu with S&M embellishments. We've always said that no one does an S&M tutu better than Amber. Sharon made her own statement(of what exactly, we're not sure) in a Khaki sleeveless cargo dress complete with a collar reminiscent of batwings; Cane's skin tight silk shirt questions his suitability to be a father; Victor showed off his manliness in a black wife-beater in a post-coital moment with Sabrina, clearly too classy for the white variety more typical to a trailer park; and Nicki's fluorescent pink dress complete with shoulder pads had us blink our eyes and think we were back to 1986 again when we first started watching the show.

Wish of the week.
1. Alistair/John/Ghost is officially out of the picture, and if he does stay that he gets his eyebrows professionally shaped and waxed.
2. That the geriatric sex stops.
3. In order to counter a new trend in Genoa City of much older men dating younger women, we quite agree with It Never Ends reader, Jill, that Katherine and Adam should hook up.

Questions of the week.
1. Is there actually any wall space at the Victor Newman Contemporary Art Gallery for hanging art? It seems to us that it's all windows...perhaps the choice of the former loft wasn't such a good idea as a gallery. When will they figure this out? When they attempt to hang their first piece?
2. Did any one else notice the timing of when Lily finally realizes that she liked Chloe? Is it a coincidence that this comment came on the heels of Chloe telling Lily that she envies her?
3. Has the "death by chocolate" dessert from the club taken the place of the "smoothie" from Crimson Lights as the coveted dessert for GCFs?
4. How long until Sabrina, someone we assume likes to surround herself with all things modern, tries to redecorate the outdated claptrap that is the ranch?
5. Realistically what are the chances of Phyllis seeing Adam in NYC, a city with a population of over 8 million?
6. Does this mean that Reid now has two godfathers since both Nicholas, and Phyllis, Genoa City's resident half- man half beast were both approached by Victoria?

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Jill said...

omg you have absolutely made my month! im so glad you concur! "K.Chance" could knock that smug look off his face any day!
you covered so many topics so well, but my favorite, and im still laughing, is the burning question of whether or not Reid has two godfathers, or just nick and a transvestite. you nailed that one for sure!
cant wait to read your commentary on the nick-and-"phil"-aniversary-antics. i didnt know it was possible to throw up in your mouth so many times in an hour.
your blog is better than "death by chocolate"!