Monday, April 7, 2008

Victor Sees the Creative Power of Anger (Mar.31-Apr.7)

Never underestimate the power of the viewing public. Last week here on It Never Ends, we commented on Lauren's glaring neglect of her first born (and much forgotten) son, Scottie, and voila, mere days later, Lauren receives a phone call from said discarded progeny. A coincidence? Perhaps, but we prefer to think that this blog was the impetus for Scottie to make that phone call home. Now that this contact has been made with Scottie, will anything actually come of it? Or is this just a token gesture to appease us? We are highly doubtful that a storyline involving Scottie will resurface without Sheila and her kidnapping ways, because otherwise, let's face it Scottie is as about as interesting as a sock, and a storyline sans Sheila just wouldn't cut it.

Polizia di moda.
Fashion in Genoa City has taken on a life of its own since the launch of the "groundbreaking" Restless Style, and we're here to report every painful detail. Who wants to read Lauren Fenmore's fashion column anyway? Puhlease.

And thus, the plunging neckline, worn by both sexes, took on a life of its own in GC this week, making us wonder if this show should be rated. Phyllis brought out her "ladies" in a plunging black number; a surprising choice for the workplace as well as for someone who is "concerned" about being hit on by her husband's half-brother. And likewise, representing the less fairer sex, Victor's chosen attire for a private art tour with Sabrina was a black dress shirt unbuttoned to his navel. Gold chains, and the outfit would have been truly complete.

So the question is now: who wore it better, Victor or Phyllis?

Modern Faart.
Do you remember the episode of The Brady Bunch when they went to Disneyland, and how strange it all seemed to see the family in a real location? And thus this week we were treated to an escape from GC's oppressive interior world to the actual Broad Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles where Sabrina took Victor on a guided tour of an exhibit by Jeff Koons. Even more surreal than being on location with Victor Newman, was being privy to his trite comments on contemporary art...Such as...(with requisite Germanic mumble):

“Deceptively simple. Almost like Classical sculpture.”

“To be honest, it’s an acquired taste. One really has to get into it to begin to appreciate it.”

Un imagination d’enfant (The imagination of a child)”

“Anger sometimes is really good. A lot of people underestimate their anger, the creative power of anger. I think a lot of artists are basically very angry people and out of that anger comes creation very often”

And a prelude to a major make out with Sabrina (God help us):

“I guess if this artist has anything to say it’s that one can take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. In other words, sometimes the extraordinary is right before our eyes.”

WTF? The cliche-o-meter was running painfully high, making it completely unbelievable that the former curator of the Georges Pompidou would fall for someone with such primitive views on art. Either that or she couldn't resist that provocative man-blouse.

Jeff Koons be damned. It is Victor, truly a fish out of water amongst these contemporary pieces, that is the real installation.

Gloria's To-do list Part II....
Imagine, if you will, randomly finding this to-do list on the ground:

1. Help steal DNA evidence
2. Hack into security system of corporate boardroom to obtain illegal evidence
3. Sabotage face cream and inadvertently kill someone in the process
4. Conspire to frame husband for my murder
5. Fall in love with a man I despise

Oh Gloria..when will you ever learn?

Questions of the week.
1. Was it really necessary for Victor to bark at the cleaner for vacuuming his office, making the poor sap jump and cower like a frightened animal? And secondly, why must we have to witness such abominable behavior?
2. How long until Heather Stevens slaps a sexual harassment charge against Brad Carlton, her new colleague at Jabot?
3. Did anyone else find it bizarre that Phyllis begged Nick to tell her why he loves her? Did you notice how Nick avoided an anwer by distracting the always-in-heat-Phyllis with a kiss?
4. How did Victor acquire a framed portrait of Adam already? We're not sure which collection of Victor's is more prolific: his never-been-seen-before art collection, or his 8x10 glossies of former lovers, wives, and children.
5. Is Lily's pregnancy with Cane's baby considered statutory rape? More disturbing perhaps; are we ready for Neil to be a grandfather and thereby control a whole new generation of Winters?
6. What was Miguel doing while Victor took advantage of his daughter's best friend in the living room of the ranch? Was he held captive in the pantry, waiting for his cue to bring out the dinner he was preparing? If Miguel had any sense at all he would seize the opportunity to provide the world with the much anticipated Victor Newman sex tape.


Jill said...

First, i want you to know i love an appreciate your blog! my best friend led me to it and i didnt know there were other ppl who appreciated and picked apart y&r like us! first, Victor DEF wore the plunging black blouse better than phyllis and personally i cant wait for sabrina and vic to get this thing heated up! but im just living vicariously thru her as i have been wanting to do the same for years! And i am SO glad someone else noticed the framed glamour shot of adam!!
also 1. when did flying thru GC make an airline ticket cheaper? 2. as a FAITHFUL follower of America's Next Top Model, i wanted to DIE when the all-knowing Chloe mispronounced Gilles Bensimon!!!

buddysnuddys said...

I am the aforementioned "best friend" referenced to by jill. I, too, was thrilled to find this blog. Furthermore, I must also vote for Victor in the "who wore it better" contest. I mean, at least he's not trying to pass himeself off as a woman...
And Gloria's To Do List should also have "4a. Have large portrait made of self and 4b. Redecorate Abbott mansion in French Boudoir motif - including portrait."